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The War Support was a referral campaign designed to reward players for spreading the word about Second Extinction to their friends. When a player signed up, they were given a unique referral link which they could then share with their friends to get them to sign up.

The campaign launched with the announcement of the game as a way to spread awareness. Only a limited number of slots for the Beta were available, with the reward being discontinued on July 9th of 2020. Ultimately, the Beta was canceled in favor of an open Early Access on Steam.

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Jürgen Winter reveal image.


October 2020
  • Freak of the Week - The Bull teaser released, here.
  • Patch announced for Monday, here.
  • First Weekly Action Report (WAR) stream went live, here.
  • Hotfix went live, read the patch notes here.
  • Hotfix announced, here.
  • Early Access launch dev-letter released, here.
  • Second Extinction releases into Early Access, here.
  • Early Access launch trailer released and launch time announced, here.
  • Contest winners announced on the respective platforms.
  • Twitch Drops system announced, here.
  • Three competitions to win a free copy of the game here.
  • Freak of the Week - The Rex teaser released, here.
  • The War Effort Explained video released, here.
  • Freak of the Week - The Flatback teaser released, here.
September 2020
  • New Dev Diary released, here.
  • Early Access roadmap revealed, here.
  • Freak of the Week - The Watcher teaser released, here.
  • Raw(r) Gameplay teaser released, here.
  • Freak of the Week - The Digger teaser released, here.
  • Early Access release date revealed as the 13th of October, 2020, here.
  • Several gaming news websites have released information and footage about an early build of Second Extinction.
  • Early Access announced as delayed until October, here.
  • What a Load of Bull teaser released, here.
August 2020
  • Second Extinction gameplay presentation featured on the Future Games Show, here.
  • Introducing the Acid Raptor (to a Grenade Launcher) teaser released, here.
  • Official Discord server opened to the public, here.
  • The fourth hero has been revealed as Trooper-class Jürgen, here.
  • The War Effort soundtrack released by LudoWic, here.
  • Welcome to the War Effort teaser released, here.
  • Beta announced as canceled in favor of an open Steam Early Access release in September, here
  • Concept art and design process revealed, here.
July 2020
  • Know Your Enemy teaser released, here.
  • Limited Playtest closed.
  • Keep The Noise Down teaser released, here.
  • Mirko Colak art collaboration dropped, here.
  • Your Move teaser released, here.
  • Second Extinction featured in Edge Magazine #348.
  • Limited Playtest started.
  • Beta sign ups closed.
  • Second Extinction Limited Playtest sign ups opened.
June 2020
  • Second Extinction gameplay premiere aired during IGN's 2020 Summer of Gaming event, here.
  • Gameplay premiere delayed until the 10th of June.
May 2020
  • Second Extinction gameplay premiere announced for June 8th as part of IGN's Summer of Gaming, here.
  • Second Extinction available to wishlist on Steam, here.
  • War Support campaign launched alongside official website, forum, and social media platforms/accounts.
  • First trailer released to coincide with the game announcement, here.
  • Second Extinction officially announced for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, here.
March 2020

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